Maria Gaellman - Sutherland
Maria Gaellman - Glencoe

The Photographer

Hello, I’m Maria, a self-taught landscape and wildlife photographer living and working in Scotland who specialises in landscape and wildlife photography.
I have a deep love for the diversity of Scotland’s various landscapes and our natural world.
My photographs have been published in magazines and newspapers, won awards and competitions. I supply stock images for editorial and advertising use which has been seen in many publications around the world.
The greatest satisfaction is when I hear from someone who purchased one of my images to decorate their home or office.
For me, it’s very important to keep my photographs natural, as seen with the naked eye, and is why I tend to keep post-processing to a minimum (removing dust spots and crop the image – if required – to a format I think suits the image).
Over the years some of my photographs have been published in a number of magazines, newspapers, books, websites, calendars, greeting cards and blogs etc (with written copyright agreement).
My interest of photography started at an early age (borrowing my Father’s camera) and deepened when my parents gave me my own camera as a young teenager. I started taking photographs of my family, relatives, wildlife, clouds and the beautiful nature where I stayed. Over the years my love for photography has grown into more than just a hobby.
Photography makes me happy, and being outdoors to explore Scotland in its ever-changing landscape (and weather), to be behind the camera is a precious bonus.
All photographs are original and my own work and as such are covered by copyright rules and are not in the public domain. Please respect my rights. All rights reserved.
Thank you for taking time looking through my portfolio.
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