Pacific Quay, River Clyde, Glasgow at Sunset with BBC Scotland studios, Glasgow Science Centre and the IMAX venue

Glasgow, Scotland

Reflections of BBC Scotland studios and Glasgow Science Centre and its Tower in River Clyde just after Sunset

Perfectly clear reflections on the River Clyde by BBC Scotland and Glasgow Science Centre at Sunset.

Pacific Quay is located on the South side of River Clyde in Glasgow; it’s the former location of Plantation Quay, Prince’s Dock and Mavisbank Quay on which the Prince’s Dock was the largest basin on the River Clyde; sadly, it ceased to be in use in the 1970s due to the declination of Glasgow’s shipbuilding businesses.

Today, you shall find the following businesses on the banks of Pacific Quay e.g. Glasgow Science Centre, STV (Scottish Television), BBC Scotland and Capital Scotland etc.

River Clyde is the second longest river in Scotland with its around 40 miles (65 km) long; meandering though the various landscape and suburban areas, including the heart of city of Glasgow. The river stretches from the Firth of Clyde near Port Glasgow, Inverclyde to Glenochar, South Lanarkshire.

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